CES 23 > Sharp XLED2000 4K Ultra HD Mini LED TV, Dolby Vision IQ, 144 Hz and Google TV

After our presentations of the Sharp XLED300 and Sharp XLED1000 TV series, end of our quick presentation of Sharp's new Mini LED TV range which will be unveiled at the CES show in Las Vegas 2023 next week, from January 5, with the Sharp XLED2000.

Even if all the details are not yet known, we can nevertheless announce that the XLED2000 TVs have 2,000 zones (as their name suggests) for a total of 8,000 LEDs (each zone has four LEDs).

Sharp XLED2000, Main Specifications

Among the other known technical specifications (we will have to wait for the opening of the CES to find out more), we can mention an Ultra HD 4K 144 Hz panel and the Google TV Smart TV function, Dolby Vision IQ/Dolby Atmos plus compatibility Aquos AI UltraClear image processing (mixed with artificial intelligence). Otherwise, the peak light of the XLED1000 TVs displays 2000 nits.

Sharp XLED1000, four references from 50'' to 75''

Another clarification, the Sharp XLED2000 Mini LED TV series has four references, the Sharp 50XLED2000 (50'', 127 cm), Sharp 55XLED2000 (55'', 140 cm), Sharp 65XLED2000 (65'', 165 cm) and Sharp 75XLED2000 (75'', 191cm)

Availability announced for the month of March. Indicative prices unknown.