Top 10 of the best concepts of 2022: smartphones, consoles, Hi-Fi…

An overview of the best "fake electronic devices" imagined by the most talented artists around the world.

We regularly bring you artists' visions of imaginary gadgets that are sometimes completely eccentric, sometimes perfectly realistic, but unfortunately non-existent. To celebrate the end of the year, here is a small selection of our ten favorite concepts, in no particular order of preference. Click on the link to access the corresponding news and to find out more about the subject in


Top 10 concepts selected by the editorial staff of

• Ultra-thin foldable iPhone Air, or the foldable screen smartphone that Apple could one day produce • Vertical turntable, or a new perspective for one of the oldest Hi-Fi devices • iPhone 14 Switch, or the unlikely association between Apple and Nintendo • Samsung Galaxy Transparent 6G, otherwise you will still accuse us of only talking about Apple • Apple augmented reality glasses, until the real version comes out in 2024 • Suitcase screen, or suitcase screen, for carry your TV everywhere • Transformers Bluetooth speaker, robot to be real • Ball-shaped Apple car, waiting for the real one that will arrive in 2026 • PlayStation 6, since we can't even get the 5 anyway • Speaker Dyson Bluetooth, with a big hole in the middle