Code name of the next Alien: Romulus. Filming: imminent

Alien: Romulus is the working title of the next Alien feature film, which should start shooting shortly.

Directed by Fede Alvarez (Don't Breathe and the Evil Dead remake, pictured below), Alien: Romulus has just entered pre-production. A shooting date would already be set for February 3, 2023.

The strength of Fede Alvarez

According to media Collider, the filming of Alien: Romulus will take place mostly in Budpaest, Hungary (like the Predator spin-off, Prey). The film is not intended to be exploited in cinemas but only on the Hulu platform.

The only known cast member at the moment is Cailee Spaeny (Mare of Easttown). The film would set its action after the events of Alien Covenant, Alien 3 and Alien: Resurection. The studio would have been convinced to put the cover back only thanks to the persuasiveness of the director, who promises that we will follow a group of characters never before seen in a feature film of the franchise. Wait and see.