Nintendo amusement park in February in Hollywood

After Japan, Nintendo fans will be able to enjoy Super Nintendo World in the United States from the end of winter.

Partnership between Nintendo and Universal, the first Super Nintendo World amusement park opened in Japan in 2022 and, as we announced earlier this year, it will arrive in the United States in 2023 within the Universal Studios in Hollywood.

4 Super Nintendo World parks in the world?

More precisely - the info recently fell - it will open on February 17, 2023. Not bad timing at all for the Japanese video game giant, since the very promising Super Mario film is coming to theaters at the end of March . Note that another Super Nintendo World park will also be built at Universal Studios Park in Orlando, still in the USA. And a fourth should even open in Singapore, then maybe -hopefully- another one in Europe.

Super Nintendo World, késako?

Super Nintendo World is a space dedicated to the Japanese video game giant, using the iconography of the Super Mario games and literally immersing the visitor in the Mushroom Kingdom. Apart from the attractions, shops and restaurants, note the possibility of finding secrets hidden in the park thanks to a connected bracelet provided to visitors - the Power-Up Band - and used to interact with elements of the decor. The secrets found by the user are then listed in a connected mobile application.