Panasonic SC-GN01, gaming neck speaker

Panasonic presents a neckband speaker dedicated to gamers, designed in collaboration with the team of the famous game Final Fantasy XIV published by Square Enix.

The SC-GN01 neck speaker from Panasonic is worn over the shoulders, allowing long hours of listening without the discomfort of headphones.

MAGESS Technology

Collaboration between Panasonic and the audio team of Final Fantasy XIV Online, it is designed for gamers and offers powerful surround sound thanks to MAGESS technology (Majestic Augmented Gaming Environment Sound System). This is implemented via four 30mm full-range loudspeakers (front left / right and surround left / right) which reproduce the signal in all directions around the neck. Note that the SC-GN01 processor allows upscaling of two-channel content into four channels, in addition to its compatibility with 5.1 multi-channel content.

RPG, FPS, Voice, Music and Cinema audio modes

Three modes -RPG, FPS, voice- are available to adapt to the type of game, in addition to Music and Cinema modes. Finally, a high-performance dual microphone with noise and echo reduction, allows you to chat with other players during frenzied games. Finally, there is also a 3.5 mm mini-jack input for connecting an external sound source. Available in the fall of 2021. Indicative price: 179 euros.