iPhone 15: end of the App Store monopoly?

Apple would be preparing the future iOS17 to comply with new European legislation that will come into force in early 2024.

After the integration of the USB-C port, Apple would still have to give in to new European legislation, allowing the installation on iPhone and other iOS devices of third-party application stores, where only the official App Store was authorized and this, since its debut on the iPhone.

Third-party app stores allowed in iOS17?

According to Bloomberg, this change should take effect with the new iOS17 which will normally arrive with the iPhone 15 range in September 2023. This “digital market legislation” should allow the installation of alternative stores, but also sideloading, c 'ie downloading applications directly from the internet.

iOS 17, important Apple resources dedicated to European constraints

Apple would be dedicating a large part of its resources to the subject, and will reserve the right to check all these third-party applications before authorizing them, and may even try to take a percentage on these "wild" installations . Note that this new function will probably only arrive in Europe, and that the legislation should come into force in March 2024 at the earliest.