Speaker/lamp and speaker/floor lamp Sonos Symfonisk vintage 2023

Ikea and Sonos present their latest collaborations in the 2023 range of Symfonisk lights/speakers.

Born from the association between the king of kit furniture Ikea and the multiroom specialist Sonos, the Symfonisk range -combining lights and speakers- will welcome new references in January 2023.

New speaker/lamp and speaker/floor lamp Ikea Symfonisk vintage 2023

This is a new version of the table lamp that appeared in 2021 (see our Symfonisk news, new Ikea/Sonos lamp/speaker) offering subdued lighting and high sound diffusion. This one, according to Ikea, offers better sound quality. Also note that in 2023, several types of lampshades will be sold separately. Another novelty, a floor lamp/speaker with a beautiful design that is reminiscent of an iconic wooden suspension from Ikea (pictured in this news).

The word to Sara Lincoln, product manager at Sonos

The floor lamp can be paired with other Symfonisk or Sonos products, for example to play the role of a rear speaker in a Home Cinema system. "The Symfonisk floor lamp is a great example of how our collaboration continues to redefine the traditional ideal of sound in the home," said Sara Lincoln, product manager at Sonos. We created the speaker floor lamp for its audio rendering and its versatility. It works with all Sonos speakers and is an ideal option for rear speakers in a home theater, paired with our soundbars like the Ray and Beam."