CES 23 > TV Oled LG M3, new series of 77'', 83'' and 97'' televisions

Another new feature from LG Electronics for the upcoming CES 2023 show in Las Vegas, in addition to the MLA process for the Oled LG G3 series and the Wow Orchestra audio feature (see our CES 23 news > LG 2023 soundbar, new Wow feature Orchestra competing with Samsung's Q-Symphony), a new Oled TV series, the LG M3.

Information coming directly, once again, from the land of the morning calm, LG Electronic should present at the CES show in Las Vegas 2023 which will open its doors from January 5 to 8, a new Oled TV series, the LG M3. The latter will have three references, the LG OLED77M3 (196 cm), LG OLED83M3 (211 cm) and LG OLED97M3 (246 cm).

Oled LG M-series TV series, originally scheduled for CES in Las Vegas 2021

Namely, the LG M1 Oled TV series was initially planned for the 2021 range and was supposed to create a buzz in the gaming capital, but LG Electronics had logically decided to postpone it, the 2021 edition of CES having been canceled due to Covid-19. No Oled LG M2 TV series in 2022 either. The CES show in Las Vegas being held again in the midst of a health crisis due to the Omicron variant, it was likely to be canceled until the last moment, resulting in a symbolic presence of many brands with stands reduced to the strict minimum or even deserted. (see our news CES report from Las Vegas 2022, the party is ruined…).

TV Oled LG M3, LG G3 models without MLA panel

In short, the Oled LG M3 TV series is neither more nor less than an LG G3 series, sporting exactly the same design but with a remote wireless box containing all the connectors and some of the electronics . More generally, the equipment of LG M3 TVs remains identical to that of LG G3 models, with one major difference, the absence of MLA technology (Micro Lenses Array, see our CES 23 news > LG G3 Oled TV, technology MLA for a luminous peak of +70% on 55''/65'' and 77'' panels), even on the 77 inch. This last precision is important because, as a reminder, if the LG OLED83G3 and LG OLED97G3 references do not have an MLA panel, the LG OLED77G3 is indeed equipped with MLA technology. To sum up, the LG M3 83''/97'' models are identical to the LG G3 modulo the presence of the wireless box, the LG M3 77'' differs from the LG G3 77'' by the presence of the same box of course, but also by the absence of MLA process. More details at CES in Las Vegas.