CES 23 > Oled LG G3 TV, MLA technology for a 70% light peak on 55''/65'' and 77'' panels

Following exchanges, once again, with our Korean colleagues, one of the big novelties of the LG 2023 Oled TV range concerns the LG G3 series which will inaugurate MLA (Micro Lenses Array) technology, resulting in a peak light up by +70%. No doubt this will be one of the highlights of the LG booth at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, which will open its doors on January 5.

Please note that this figure of +70% for the peak light of a TV equipped with the MLA process is understood to be compared to the Oled LG A3 or LG B3 TV series, more or less identical to the Oled LA A2 and LG B2 TV series. This means about a gain of +20% compared to an LG G2 equipped with an EX panel, a value far from low.

LG G3 MLA Oled TV, microlens technology As a reminder, the MLA process (initially called Metal Illuminated Lens Array, see our LG Display news reacts to QD Oled Samsung Display technology with an Oled Smart TV offering 2,000 nits) lies in the addition on the Oled TV panel of a micro -lenses whose purpose is to optimize the path of the light generated by the diodes, to direct it in its entirety outwards, ie on the slab side. Thus, if when leaving the factory a classic OLED panel displays a luminous peak of approximately 800 nits and an OLED EX approximately 1,000 nits, a panel equipped with micro-lenses should reach a peak of 1,100/1,200 nits. Another positive point, this better luminous efficiency would also have repercussions on energy efficiency, again improving, for lower final consumption (see our news published last May, already: LG Display is experimenting with a process to increase the 20% Oled brightness). Slightly negative point, these micro-lenses, directives, imply a lesser angle of vision. But nothing too bad according to our information.

LG G3 MLA Oled TV, only on the 55''/65'' and 77'' diagonals

Namely, according to our sources again, the MLA process will not concern all the diagonals of the LG G3 Oled TV series. If the 55'' (140 cm), 65'' (165 cm) and 77'' (196 cm) models will benefit from it, the 83'' (211 cm) and 97'' (246 cm) models will not. In any case, as we anticipated through a previous news published on the occasion of the IFA Berlin 2022 show last September (see our IFA 22 news > Oled TV panel, LG Display announces a new generation 2023), the teaser orchestrated by LG on its stand announcing a new generation of Oled panels for 2023 (see photo above) therefore concerns the integration of MLA technology.