Sonos Voice Control available in France

The Sonos voice assistant, an alternative to current solutions, is coming to us.

Available since June 1 in English in the United States, the voice assistant Sonos Voice Control is now available in France, and therefore in French, via an update of the Sonos application on Sonos speakers compatible with the control voice.

Sonos Voice Control with Hey Sonos

Sonos Voice Control, as its name suggests, allows you to control your system by voice via the "Hey Sonos" command, with the ambition of "making voice interactions completely private, more personal and more natural". Indeed, on the privacy side, the system does not record user orders to send them to the Cloud. The possibilities offered to users are numerous: controlling music playback in each room, transferring listening from one room to another and saving songs as favorites in your personal library.

The floor to Joseph Dureau, vice-president, Voice Experience, Sonos

“Voice is one of the most natural ways to connect with music. But talking to users, we found that many of them were concerned that their privacy was being violated and were unhappy with the accuracy, speed and ease of use of existing voice services, explains Joseph Dureau, vice president, Voice Experience, Sonos. We created Sonos Voice Control so we can launch and control content on a Sonos system, putting privacy at the heart of the service. Since its launch in the US, we've found that 40% of Sonos Voice Control users haven't used any voice assistants before. We're also seeing that those using voice control are listening to 30% more music than before. We're excited about this progress and hope to expand Sonos Voice Control to new people and in more countries, starting today in France."