Why there won't be an iPhone in the new Knives Out movie

In the new Netflix movie Glass Onion: A Daggers Drawn Tale, no one has an iPhone, and that's no coincidence.

In 2020, director Rian Johnson revealed an open secret in Hollywood, namely that the villains of the films are deprived of iPhones on the screen, so as not to tarnish the sparkling image of Apple's precious phones. In his film At Knives Out, for example, all the characters use an iPhone, all except one…

Everything to preserve the whodunit

But for the sequel Glass Onion: A Tale at Daggers Drawn Story, Johnson decided to do something different, just to confuse the audience so that they wouldn't guess too soon who's nice and who's mean, in a film where the interest is precisely to find the murderer (the famous whodunit à la Agatha Christie).

As a result, no one in the film uses an Apple product, and several characters are equipped with Samsung mobiles. For example a Galaxy Z Fold for Dave Bautista (photo), a Galaxy Z Flip for Kathryn Hahn and a Galaxy S for Kate Hudson. The film will be available on Netflix on December 23. We let you discover this very theatrical and slightly parodic trailer of the Source genre: 9to5google