Black Friday 2022 > Samsung TV QLED/Neo QLED cashback offer, up to €500 cashback

To celebrate Black Friday, the Korean manufacturer is offering a very interesting refund offer on a selection of its QLED and Neo QLED 2022 vintage televisions, up to 500 euros.

Until November 28, for any purchase of a television set referenced below (click on its reference to find out more about the product), the brand reimburses you:

• €50 for a Samsung QE43Q6xB

• €100 for a Samsung QE50Q6xB, Samsung QE55Q6xB, Samsung QE55QN85B, Samsung QE65Q6xB, Samsung QE65QN85B or Samsung QE75QN8xB

• €200 for a Samsung QE55QN95B, Samsung QE55QN700B or Samsung QE65QN700B

• €50 for a Samsung QE75Q9

N for a Samsung QE65QN95B, Samsung QE65QN800B or Samsung QE75QN800B

• €500 for a Samsung 55LST7 The Terrace, Samsung QE65QN900B, Samsung 65LST7 The Terrace, Samsung QE75QN700B, Samsung QE75QN900B, Samsung 75LST7 The Terrace, Samsung QE85QN800B{9}N}

Details of the offer are available in participating stores and on the brand's website: