12.5 sources of entertainment per US household

Subscription video streaming remains number one on the home entertainment list of American homes.

Hub Entertainment Research last October surveyed 3,000 American adults with a high-speed Internet connection about the number of entertainment sources available in their homes, such as social networks, video games, music, pay TV, podcasts, books or audiobooks.

Streaming, America's favorite entertainment source

It emerges that video streaming by subscription -or SVOD- is still the favorite source of entertainment regardless of the age group surveyed, but that habits diverge precisely according to the age of the users. Thus, if the average number of leisure sources per household is 12.5, the 18-34 year olds have 15. The youngest also use more streaming services (6.6), compared to the category older (3.7 sources).

On average, respondents said they had 6 "essential" sources of leisure, with 8 for the youngest, and 4.9 for the oldest.