The house near the cemetery, even bloodier in 4K Ultra HD

Lucio Fulci's Italian horror is brought back to our good memories (gore) with The house near the cemetery, available in a 4K Ultra HD combo Limited Edition of 2,000 copies in a few days, on December 8.

Dr. Norman Boyle settles with his wife and son in a beautiful and large residence. But shortly after their arrival, strange phenomena begin to occur. The young boy in the family claims to speak with a little girl who lived in the house years ago. No one believes him until the day Mrs. Boyle discovers his tombstone in one of the rooms of the house…

Bloody atmosphere

A bloody and nightmarish variation on the usual themes of gore, haunted houses and zombies released in 1981, The house near the cemetery will be available on December 8 from ESC Éditions with HDR10 label for the image, accompanied for the occasion a small 32-page booklet by Marc Toullec, a documentary directed by Alexandre Jousse on the director's career, an interview with Lionel Grenier (Lucio Fulci specialist), the alternative ending and the trailer . Attention, subtitles available only on the English version and not on the Italian version.