Headphones and video streaming soon at Sonos?

Until then a specialist in multirooms, and more recently in connected Bluetooth speakers, Sonos intends to diversify its offer by diversifying into four new product categories.

On the occasion of the announcement of its results for the fourth and last quarter of its fiscal year 2022, Sonos announced that it wanted to launch into new product categories, thus leaving its stronghold of multiroom speakers. Specifically, the brand has four product categories in its sights, and the first new model will arrive next year, says Sonos CEO Patrick Spence.

Sonos, headphones and Hi-Fi products to come?

If we know that Sonos will soon launch a new range of Dolby Atmos speakers, no details have been revealed on these four new categories. But if we are to believe the latest patents filed, job offers and takeovers of companies, it's a safe bet that Sonos will try its hand at headphones. We can certainly expect wireless models with polished audio quality, and integrated into the Sonos multiroom ecosystem.

The word to Patrick Spence

Another option is video streaming devices to complement the brand's audio streaming range. "I think our brand is strong, and we've identified many opportunities in other categories over time," Spence said. But I also think we need to think carefully about how to get started, to build on our strengths and capabilities already in place.” Source: The Verge