They built a foldable iPhone!

The result is far from marketable, but it works: a foldable screen iPhone made by two Chinese engineers in their spare time.

When something doesn't exist, either we make it a beautiful impalpable concept, or we make it ourselves.

Foldable iPhone signed by two Chinese engineers

For proof, the iPhone with a foldable screen (inspired by many 3D concepts), or even the USB-C port integrated "by force" on an iPhone by a Swiss engineer. Mix these two examples and you get an incredible foldable iPhone -named iPhone V- made by two Chinese engineers.

Forced marriage for the Frankenstein of foldable smartphones

The process will have taken about 200 days, and it is detailed in the video below (in Chinese, but you can activate the subtitles). The result is a kind of Frankenstein's monster, integrating the innards of an iPhone into a modified body of a 2019 Motorola Razr, with multiple in-house components to facilitate (force?) the marriage.

“Handcrafted” foldable iPhone

A crazy project for a final device that struggles to bend as well as a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and is unlikely to survive very long. But it works, and let's emphasize again that it was made by two talented enthusiasts, but without the means available to large specialized companies.

As for the possible future true folding iPhone, it won't be before 2024, or even 2025.