Eco² Oled, new patented Samsung Display mobile screen

The latest Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 acts as a showcase for the technological advances of the manufacturer on the screen side.

A few days ago, Samsung Display presented in more detail its latest Eco² Oled screen technology, inaugurated on the new foldable screen smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 3. This screen allows in particular a reduction in consumption as well as a camera invisible selfie, a first for this type of smartphone.

Oled screen with integrated polarizer

Eco² Oled notably incorporates a polarizer, eliminating the need for an additional polarization layer, ie an opaque plastic sheet preventing the screen from reflecting external light. The Eco² Oled accomplishes this task with its innovative pixel structure. In addition to lower energy consumption thanks to better luminous efficiency, the elimination of this layer reduces the use of plastic for a more eco-responsible product.

Sungchul Kim, boss of Mobile Display Business for Samsung Display

"The Eco² Oled is a revolutionary technology that significantly reduces power consumption by improving the standardized display design for years," says Sungchul Kim, Head of Mobile Display Business for Samsung Display. With the move to 5G and devices with larger, foldable screens, the industry needs consumer-optimized components that outweigh the greediness of these new technologies. ”