First iPad Oled in 2024? Come on, we believe it...

After years and years of rumors, the integration of Oled display technology is finally about to arrive on the iPad.

It was in 2015 that we first reported to you a rumor about the arrival of Oled technology on Apple tablets.

iPad Pro 11'' and 12.9'' with OLED screen in 2024 according to Ross Young from DSCC

Seven years have passed, rumors continue to run, and no iPad has yet switched to OLED. For example, the latest iPads recently released, with LED technology on the 11'' iPad Pro and Mini LED on its larger sibling. According to the latest indiscretions gathered by DSCC analyst Ross Young, the very first Apple Oled tablets will arrive in 2024. Indeed, iPad Pros tend to remain on the market for a year and a half before being renewed. The next version would therefore arrive in 2024, and according to Young the two models -11'' and 12.9''-will be equipped with OLED screens.

Yes, this time it's the right one, in any case we believe in it.