Samsung is aiming for more than 40 million TVs by 2023

According to the Korean online daily TheElec, Samsung aims to ship more than 40 million televisions in 2023, despite economic conditions that look sluggish for the coming quarters.

Samsung, arch-leader of the TV market, wishes to consolidate its position. For this, the Korean group believes that the figure of 40 million televisions shipped each year in the world guarantees its leadership. It is therefore quite logical that Samsung's objective for 2023, despite the pessimistic forecasts of TV market analysts, shows just over 40 million units shipped across the planet.

2023 roadmap of Samsung LCD/Oled TV shipments

In detail, Samsung is expected to ship 39 million LCD TVs plus 1.5 million quantum dot TVs, i.e. QD Oled. Thus, Samsung would still exclude in 2023 the marketing of White Oled screens from LG Display, already delayed in 2022 (see our White Oled Samsung TV news, postponed to 2023 at best). On the other hand, for certain LCD TV references, Samsung will again call on LG Display for the supply of panels. In addition to LG Display, in 2023 Samung would call on display manufacturers CSOT, HKC, BOE and AUO.

The Chinese CSOT, the biggest supplier of TV panels for Samsung Electronics

Namely, still in 2023, the largest supplier of LCD panels would be called CSOT (subsidiary of TCL in which Samsung holds around 10% of the capital) with a contingent of just over 10 million units. CSOT would therefore permanently occupy the place of BOE which was in the past, for only a year, the main supplier of LCD panels for Samsung.