Password sharing on Netflix: now you will have to pay

It is at the beginning of 2023 that Netflix will tighten the screw on the sharing of passwords, previously tolerated, and which will now become chargeable.

This year, Netflix has decided to tighten the screws on the practice of password sharing, i.e. giving free use of its Netflix account to someone who does not live under its roof.

Functionality tested in South America extended to the rest of the world

The company has thus tested in several South American countries a new functionality allowing to add an additional member to its account via an additional payment. And the test has apparently proved satisfactory since the functionality will be formalized to extend to the rest of the world from the beginning of the year 2023. This is what the company announced during its recent results announcement. quarterly.

2 € to 3 € more for sharing the password

Nothing has been announced for the price yet, but based on the tests, we can expect an additional cost of around 2 or 3 euros to add an additional member outside the household to your subscription.