Cloud Gaming in focus at Netflix

After mobile gaming, Netflix is seriously considering entering the Cloud Gaming market to offer its members the ability to play directly on the TV or computer.

After OnLive, Mixer and more recently Stadia, the graveyard of Cloud Gaming services is growing. The sector has indeed not yet proven its viability, despite a few platforms that seem to be successful such as Game Pass Ultimate, PlayStation Plus, Luna and GeForce Now.

The floor said Mike Verdu, vice president of game development at Netflix

Netflix also seems to believe in it, and recently revealed its intention to invest in the field of streaming video games. “We are seriously exploring the possibility of offering a Cloud Gaming offer,” Mike Verdu, vice president of game development at Netflix, recently told the techcrunch site. As a reminder, Netflix has launched into video games, starting with mobiles, with 35 titles already available on smartphones and tablets, and 55 others on the way, according to Verdu.

Netflix looking for added value

With this new offer, Netflix will move up a gear, allowing its members to play directly on the big screen or the computer which is also used to watch the platform's series and films. However, Netflix explains that it does not want to compete with consoles, but rather to offer added value, which is one more bait for future subscribers.