Hi-Fi design system Beogram Remaster (concept)

When Hi-Fi systems are as beautiful to listen to as they are to look at…

In this Bluetooth era where convenience often trumps purity of sound, the visual aspect of the music listening experience is often lost. In other words, where have the memorable Hi-Fi systems gone, both in terms of sound quality and their extreme elegance, even their original design? It is with this idea in mind that the Danish architect and photographer Hans Baerholm imagined this Hi-Fi system named Beogram Remaster.

Beogram Remaster concept inspired by Bang & Olufsen productions

A name that refers to Bang & Olufsen's Beogram Hi-Fi components, which consist of speakers, an amplifier and a vinyl turntable. The latter is inspired in particular by the Beogram 4000 plate, with these cracks that radiate from the center. The look is definitely retro yet with a modern sensibility. The amplifier in particular is capable of receiving all current sources, including wireless ones. Source: YankoDesign