LG Display, forecast of 9.2 million OLED TVs in 2023 (detail by diagonal and by factory)

While 2022 deliveries of Oled TV panels are expected to decline significantly compared to those of 2021, the fault of the war in Ukraine and the associated gloomy environment in anticipation of a global recession, LG Display has established a roadmap accounting for 9.2 million Oled TV panels for 2023.

Shipments of Oled TV panels signed LG Display are expected to fall sharply from the total of 7.8 million last year, primarily due to the non-signature of the Samsung contract which covered a volume of 2 million units, secondly to the gloomy world situation since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The main customers LG Electronics and Sony have also reduced their orders.

LG Display 2022, production of OLED TV panels at half mast Concretely, at the end of last year, LG Display planned to produce 1.8 million to 1.9 million large OLED TV panels in the first and second quarters of 2022. But the actual production would be, respectively, only 1.6 million and 1.7 million units. To make up for this production deficit and support the comparison with the year 2021, LG Display wanted to produce and deliver 2 million copies during the third and fourth quarters. However, the reversal of the global economic situation, with the recession in sight in many countries, would not allow this objective to be achieved.

LG Display, production of Oled TV panels per quarter LG Display is therefore postponing its hopes to 2023 with a deliberately optimistic production plan. Thus, 2023 would see LG Display manufacture 9.2 million Oled TV panels, it being understood that this figure does not include the Samsung Electronics contract of 2 million units. In terms of figures, the first quarter of 2023 would see LG Display provide 1.6 million Oled TV panels, 2.3 million for the second quarter, 2.9 million in the third and 2.4 million in the fourth. The relatively low production of the first three months would be linked to the traditionally weaker seasonality (following the equipment of the Christmas and Black Friday holidays plus, for 2022, the Football World Cup in Qatar), and the time required to 2022 stocks are exhausted.

LG Display, production of Oled TV panels by diagonal By screen size for the year 2023, the 55'' (140 cm) panel would be the most voluminous with more than 3.2 million units, while the 65'' (165 cm) panels would represent 2.6 million units. 'units, and the 48'' (122 cm) panel 1.3 million units. The rest, 2.1 million units, would therefore concern the very large diagonals, 77'' (196 cm), 83'' (211 cm) and 97'' (246 cm), but also the new 27'' sizes ( 68cm) and 32'' (82cm). Last precision on the production of Oled TV panels signed LG Display, out of the total of 9.2 million units, the Guangzhou factory in China would produce 5.4 million units and the Gyeonggi Paju factory in South Korea. South (see photo below) 3.8 million units.