TP-Link PG2405P and KIT TP-Link PG1200P KIT, new generation of PLC kits

TP-Link presents its latest powerline kits for an even faster and more stable internet connection at home.

The new generation of TP-Link PLC kits -models PG2405P KIT and PG1200 KIT- adopt the new standard (G.hn2400 and G.hn1200 respectively) offering a significant improvement in PLC performance, i.e. internet via electrical outlet. An essential evolution in the face of new needs: Ultra HD 4K/8K streaming, online games and multiplication of the number of connected devices.

TP-Link PG2405P KIT and TP-Link PG1200P KIT

Throughput is increased and interference between devices reduced, for a more powerful and reliable connection. Concretely, a first box connects to your box, the second within 300 m on any electrical outlet. You can then connect to the Ethernet port of the second box, with no latency.

Also noteworthy is an Automatic Economy mode which reduces electricity consumption by 85%. Namely, if the TP-Link PG1200P KIT model is small and compact, the TP-Link PG2405P KIT is distinguished by a pull-out electrical outlet, two Ethernet ports on the second box, and the 2 x 2 Mimo standard.

Immediate availability for the TP-Link PG2405P KIT, in October for the TP-Link PG1200P KIT. Indicative prices: €149.90 for the TP-Link PG2405P KIT, €89.90 for the TP-Link PG1200P KIT.