25% of American subscribers will leave Netflix this year?

Rising subscription prices and lack of content are pushing Netflix members to abandon the platform.

According to a recent survey conducted by among 1,000 American Netflix subscribers, 25% intend to leave the service in 2022. Bad news for the platform which has already lost 1.2 million subscribers in the first half, including a record 970,000 in the second quarter alone.

Netflix too expensive for 40% of respondents

40% of those questioned mentioned the increase in the price of the service as the reason for this defection. Indeed, at the start of the year, the Essential option saw its price increase by 11% in the USA, and the Standard and Premium offers increased by 20 and 25% respectively. Of the eight most popular streaming services in the United States, Netflix has the highest average price.

Netflix lacking content for 21% of respondents

Among the other reasons for leaving the platform, 21% of respondents cite a lack of content. Finally, 30% say they use other streaming services more than Netflix.