Growth of streaming in Europe, and pay TV in France

The number of subscribers to streaming and pay-TV services continues to grow in Europe.

According to the latest figures from Omdia, the total number of subscriptions to streaming platforms (OTT) and pay-TV service in Western Europe was 300.5 million in 2021, i.e. 26.2 million more than in 2020, and double the number recorded in 2016.

Strong growth for OTT but revenues largely in favor of pay TV

The growth comes mainly from OTT services, while the pay-TV market fell for the third consecutive year, even if the fall remained marginal (-0.6% in 2021). In all, OTT had 187.7 million subscribers, and pay TV 112.7 million. However, pay TV revenue remains almost twice that of OTT.

Pay TV very present in France

Apart from Germany (27.9 million subscribers), pay TV remains particularly strong in France in 2021, which had nearly a million additional customers for a total of 25 million. The main operators like Canal+, Free, and Orange are all experiencing strong growth. In Europe, Netflix is the most popular OTT platform with 62.4 million members, a third of the total market.