Apple Watch, heart attack detector

Researchers have hijacked the electrocardiogram of Apple's connected watch to make it almost as effective as devices used in hospitals.

Whether with the fall detector, the oxygen sensor or the electrocardiogram (ECG), the Apple Watch has in the past contributed many times to saving lives. Researchers at the Texas Heart Institute recently discovered that Apple's smartwatch can even detect heart attacks before they happen, a feat normally reserved for professional ECGs in hospitals.

Heart attack, the importance of immediate care

Be aware first of all that the chances of survival right after a heart attack depend enormously on the time spent at the time of treatment. The earlier treatment is provided, the more healing is possible. Hence the interest of detecting the signs in advance, which is feasible with an ECG Pro.

Apple Watch, ECG with 6 lead detection…

Without going into details, a Pro ECG is precise because it performs 12 readings (or leads which illustrate the recording of cardiac activity between two electrodes), while that of the Apple Watch only does a. The researchers managed to fine-tune the precision of the Apple Watch by positioning it on several parts of the body, such as the abdomen, ankles or thighs, or even with the finger on the Digital Crown (the wheel). The result is a detection of 6 leads, significantly more precise and closer to professional equipment.

According to the researchers, the data is encouraging, but some limitations remain and more work is needed. But it does show promise and could enable people with heart disease to conduct reliable self-monitoring on a regular basis and save more lives…