Samsung QE55S95B Ultra HD 4K Oled TV test, online

After saying no to Oled technology in 2016, mainly because of the risk of burn-in on TV screens, the TV market leader finally took the plunge this year with the marketing of the Samsung TV series S95B. However, the latter uses a new Oled technology from Samsung Display, the group's screen manufacturer division, announced to be more efficient and safer in terms of marking. What about the claims of the Korean brand? answers you with the complete test of the Samsung QE55S95B model.

Samsung will therefore have waited six long years before offering Oled televisions for sale again. If a first model (KE55S9C) had seen the light of day at the end of 2013, Samsung had quickly ceased the development of these TVs because of the significant risk of marking and light performance below compared to LCD TVs. The two causes being intimately linked, the risk of burn-in increasing together with the search for a high light peak.

QD Oled technology, in development for a long time at Samsung Display

However, the Korean group has not remained with both feet in the same shoe and the R&D division of Samsung Display (the world's largest manufacturer of OLED screens for smartphones, tablets, monitors, etc.) has never ceased to develop OLED technology adapted to the requirements of a television. Namely a relatively high light peak, a high Color Volume and a (very) reduced risk of marking. Hence the official presentation of the QD Oled process at the CES show in Las Vegas 2022 last January, followed by the marketing of a first QD Oled TV series this summer, the Samsung S95B (not to mention its adoption at Sony with the TV series A95K and Dell with the Alienware gaming monitor).

Samsung S95B Ultra HD 4K TV, triumphant return to the Oled

And it must be admitted that Samsung is making a triumphant return to the Oled TV segment with a technology that combines the best of Oled and LCD, perfect blacks and abundant brightness. The result, in addition to excellent display quality with an SDR signal, is simply unprecedented image quality in HDR. Our ultra-complete test bench of the latest Samsung product can be discovered immediately by clicking on the following link: Samsung QE55S95B.