Fitbit Inspire 3, new connected bracelet

Fitbit presents its latest connected bracelet, the Inpisre 3, for easy monitoring of your health and sports activities.

Fitbit's Inspire 3 smartband will stay with you for up to 10 days before you need to recharge it. It constantly tracks lots of data like steps, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, quality of sleep, blood oxygen level (SpO2), and more.

Fitbit Inspire 3, a sports trainer on the wrist

The Fitbit Inspire 3 gently reminds you to get active throughout the day, to give your metabolism a boost. And in the middle of exercise, you can directly consult your heart rate to know if you are burning fat, and to know your peak of activity. Thin and light, the bracelet is water resistant up to 50 meters deep. Available immediately. Indicative price: 99.95 euros.