Jean-Michel Jarre joins the CNC, Metavers section!

Jean-Michel Jarre has just been appointed head of the CNC's new "immersive creation" commission.

The CNC, responsible for supporting French creation in the fields of cinema and moving images, is enlisting the services and above all the vision of one of the pioneers of electronic music, Jean-Michel Jarre, in order to support at best French creation in the Métavers, this virtual space with infinite possibilities that will most certainly be developed further in the future.

Works with an international reach

According to the press release sent to the press yesterday, this commission, endowed with €3.6 million per year, will be in charge of “promoting the emergence of creative, ambitious and internationally oriented immersive works. This new fund replaces the "Digital Experience Fund" and "Dicréam" systems, with the aim of accelerating the structuring of this ecosystem, currently driven by the development of Metavers, which primarily designates the process of platforming immersive uses, and presents unprecedented opportunities”.

Innovation and madness?

An ambitious program supported by two colleges within any new commission: the first focused on the challenges of writing and development, and the second on the financing of production and distribution. An additional €400,000 will enable older immersive works (the first virtual reality projects supported by the CNC date back to 2014) to be adapted to the latest technologies and achieve greater renown.

We can already imagine Jean-Michel Jarre, always at the forefront of innovation, supporting the craziest projects. At least, we hope so.