Oled TV in Europe: 55% of the premium TV market in 2022?

LCD, LED and Oled, of the three display technologies for televisions, it is Oled that should dominate the premium segment in Europe for 2022 and the years to come.

The Omdia market research and analysis firm has just published a new report on the market segment of premium televisions in Europe, ie models sold from €1,500 and above.

Oled Europe TV market, the figures

According to this study, among the three main display technologies - LCD, LED (including Micro LED) and Oled (Woled technologies signed LG Display and QD Oled signed Samsung) - the premium Oled models have seen their market share increase from 32.1% in 2019 to 47.7% in 2021. And according to Omdia, growth is still in order since these models should represent 55% of the market this year, and 66% in 2023.

TV market, zoom on Europe

In 2021, Europe represented 23% of the global TV market, making the old continent the leader ahead of North America, at 22%. Last year, around 2.9 million Oled TVs found takers in Europe (i.e. 44% of global sales), a figure that is expected to reach 3.4 million units in 2022. In Europe, the Oled market is split between LG Electronics, Sony and Philips, with respective market shares of 65.8%, 17% and 11%. Source: ET News