Planning Star Wars 2022, 2023, and beyond (updated)

Some Star Wars series release dates on Disney+ have recently been changed, an opportunity to update the broadcast schedule for all upcoming Star Wars works.

While the Andor series is a few weeks away from being broadcast on Disney+, here is a small recap of the Star Wars series and films that you will be able to see in 2022 and beyond, on Disney+ and in cinemas.

Planning of upcoming Star Wars films and series at the cinema and on Disney+

• Star Wars Andor (series), September 21, 2022 on Disney+

• The Bad Batch season 2, fall 2022 on Disney+

• Star Wars Tales of the Jedi (series), fall 2022 on Disney+

• The Mandalorian season 3, February 2023 on Disney+

• Star Wars Vision season 2, spring 2023 on Disney+

• Ahsoka (series), 2023 on Disney+

• Skeleton Crew, series by Jon Watts with Jude Law, 2023 on Disney+

• Star Wars The Book of Bobba Fett season 2, release unspecified

• Star Wars the Acolyte (series), release unspecified

• Star Wars A Droid Story (series), unset release

• Star Wars Lando (series), unset release

• Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (film), unset release

• Film Star Wars by Kevin Feige, release undefined

• Star Wars film by Taika Waititi, release undefined