First photo taken by the Samsung 200 Mplxs sensor of the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

Small example of the enormous resolution that the images taken by the first 200 Mpxls smartphone sensor will benefit from.

This month in China the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra smartphone is released, the first mobile to benefit from the 200 Mpxls Isocell HP1 sensor signed by Samsung. It's the first time a smartphone has been equipped with such a large sensor, and Motorola isn't shy about showing us what this component is capable of, even before the device goes on sale.

Motorola China General Manager promotes sensor on Weibo network

The general manager of Motorola China posted a photo taken with this sensor on the Weibo social network. You have a small sample of it below but if you want to see the shot in all its grandeur and splendor, it can be seen on the gsmarena site. You can then click on it to zoom in and explore its every nook and cranny. The photo was captured at 50MP resolution with the 4-in-1 pixel arraying process.