New PlayStation 5 Pro in 2023 at over $ 600?

Recent indiscretions suggest that an improved version of Sony's PS5 could arrive within two years.

The PlayStation 5 console was only released in November that there was already speculation about an improved version, equivalent of the PS4 Pro for the PlayStation 4. No wonder when we know how much technology around the game video evolves quickly and it is important to stay up to date to meet player expectations.

Tomorrow's turn N / A Moore's Law is Dead YouTube Channel

These rumors were recently backed up by tech expert Tom N / A of YouTube channel Moore's Law is Dead, on the occasion of the 110th episode of the Sacred Symbols + podcast. When asked if and when Sony will release a PS5 Pro, he replies, "I know they will, 2023". He explains that this information comes to him from his sources within the industry, who however do not have more details.

PS5 Pro over $ 600?

However, Tom estimates that the PS5 Pro will represent a bigger technical leap than the PS4 Pro in its day, and that it should cost over $ 600.