Caribbean turtles exclusively in Ultra HD 4K on Philips Ambilight TV

Discover the nature of Martinique on The Explorer app exclusively on Philips Ambilight televisions.

TP Vision, owner of the Philips brand, and The Explorers team up and traveled to Martinique in early June to capture exclusive images of the island's heritage, including the famous Caribbean turtles. Exclusive content in Ultra HD 4K, intended for Philips Ambilight televisions and visible via The Explorers application (already mentioned in our pages).

A word from Valentin Pacaut from The Explorers

"The mission of The Explorers is educational, and helps to raise awareness and show all the beauty of the world," says Valentin Pacaut of The Explorers. We wanted to use the beautiful images that nature provides to inspire conservation action. Cousteau once said: we love what amazes us, we protect what we love. This leads us to our motto: know better, protect better. TP Vision helps us bring our images to life, making them accessible to as many people as possible”.

The floor to Stefen van Sabben from TP Vision

Stefan van Sabben, CSR and Sustainable Development Manager at TP Vision, adds: “Having a positive impact on the environment starts with awareness. Partnering with organizations that share common values, such as The Explorers, is a key step in our approach because the partnership perfectly combines technology and sustainability. We encourage as many people as possible to join The Explorers community and we look forward to working over the long term to raise awareness about the preservation of flora and fauna.”