Apple mixed reality headset: concept in pictures

As rumors grow, designers of all stripes are imagining what Apple's future virtual/augmented reality headset might look like. And some proposals are really interesting…

Based on the many rumors going around about the device, designer Marcus Kane (via YankoDesign) has cracked a 3D render to reveal what the mixed reality-augmented reality headset might look like ( AR) + Virtual Reality (VR)- from Apple.

Apple Vision headphones? Apple Reality? Or Apple Sight?

As a reminder, the helmet could bear the name Apple Vision, or even Apple Reality or Apple Sight. Positioned at the top of the range, it may cost around $3,000, on the one hand because Apple has a habit of being more expensive than the competition, and also because of the very advanced on-board technology. Indeed, the Apple Vision should be equipped with a processor equivalent to the M2 of the latest Mac computers, not to mention 8K Ultra HD screens with eye movement tracking for a more precise and optimized visual rendering.

This new Apple device should be announced at the beginning of 2023, for a release in stride.