Sonic 2 Supersonic 4K Ultra HD Edition August 10

Sonic 2, the sequel to the successful adaptation of the famous video game character, will be released on August 10 in 4K UHD by Paramount.

Sonic, the insolent supersonic hedgehog, is confronted by his lifelong enemy Robotnik (Jim Carrey) supported by an alterego of Sonic, the slugger Knuckles. This little world is chasing an emerald capable of destroying humanity.

Sonic 2 will be available for digital purchase from July 29 and released by Paramount on 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD on August 10.

Malik Bentalha, the French Sonic

In the country of transpositions of video games to the cinema, the first Sonic had already been strong with a worldwide box office of more than 319 million dollars. Sonic 2 does even better as the film has collected over $401 million worldwide.

The film mixes animated characters with real-life actors. In original version, comedian Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation) vocalizes Sonic while Idris Elba (The Suicide Squad, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, The Wire) lends his tone to the menacing Knuckles. The VF of the film has recruited comedian and actor Malik Bentalha to do the French voice of Sonic.

The bonuses on the Blu-Ray of Sonic 2 are substantial. In order, we will find:

• Comments from director Jeff Fowler and Ben Schwartz (Sonic)

• An exclusive short Sonic Drone house

• Six deleted scenes

• A blooper

• The music video for the song Stars in the sky by Kid Cudi

• Four behind-the-scenes reports and a fun quiz on Sonic with Ben Schwartz