Happy birthday Dolby Atmos, 10 years already

After starting in the cinema and spreading to almost all everyday devices, the Dolby Atmos format is celebrating its 10th anniversary this June.

In 2012, Rebelle was released, the very first film offered in Dolby Atmos format at the cinema.

260 Dolby Atmos theaters and me, and me, and me…

Today, France has more than 260 cinemas equipped for this technology, which delivers a rich and realistic sound environment that completely envelops the public, including overhead. And while it was originally created for cinema, Dolby Atmos has since converted to other entertainment experiences like music, sports, podcasts, video games, movies and TV series. .

Dolby Atmos, thousands of certified references

The format is available on thousands of compatible references such as televisions, sound bars, computers, video game consoles, Home Cinema, connected speakers, operator boxes, smartphones, tablets, and even cars.

Happy birthday to Dolby Atmos, which has appeared in more than 1,190 films, 3,060 episodes of TV series, more than 40 console or PC games, and tens of thousands of music tracks on platforms like Apple Music or Amazon Music.