2.3 million for a miniature X-Wing from the original Star Wars movie

No wonder a relic that survived the filming of the first Star Wars movie fetches gold at auction…

The props that appear on screen in the Star Wars films are often resold at very good prices at specialized auctions, we have already told you about this several times.

X-Wing ship surviving the filming of Star Wars IV: a new hope

And we're still talking about it since a model X-Wing ship (see photo) recently sold for $2,375,000 at Prop Store Auctions. This aircraft piloted by Red Leader Garven Dreis (actor Drewe Henley) is considered a survivor of the filming of Star Wars IV: A New Hope dating back to 1977, as many scale models were destroyed there by pyrotechnic effects for the needs of the Death Star's final attack. Note that before its sale, it was estimated between 500,000 and 1 million dollars.