Sony SRS-XE300 Live Life Loud, IP67 speaker, portable and Bluetooth

In addition to the Sony SRS-XE200 (see our news Sony SRS-XE200 Live Life Loud, new portable and adventurous Bluetooth speaker), the Japanese manufacturer announced a few weeks ago another portable Bluetooth speaker, the Sony SRS-XE300.

Bigger than its little sister SRS-XE200, the SRS-XE300 Bluetooth 5.2 (LDAC compatible) speaker from Sony is designed using two 49 x 71 mm broadband ovoid speakers called X-Balanced Speaker. Their shape improves sound clarity and reduces distortion, according to their creator.

Sony SRS-XE300, rectilinear diffuser

They are supported by two passive radiators to establish the response at low frequencies and a diffuser in the form of a sound-permeable grid whose objective is to direct the sound through a narrow opening (straight diffuser). This results in an increase in sound pressure for wider diffusion.

Sony SRS-XE300, IP67 certification and Party Connect mode

IP67 certified, it is water and dust resistant. Likewise, its material makes it hard to harm: it withstands falls up to 1.2 m in height without damage. And with its Party Connect mode, it is possible to associate the Sony SRS-XE300 with another speaker. It is also possible to combine two of them for a stereo configuration, always wireless, and up to 100 if you feel like adding sound to Versailles. Its battery offers 24 hours of autonomy (allow 5 hours for a full recharge via USB-C) and the Quick Charging function gives 70 minutes of playback for 10 minutes of recharge. Finally, a microphone is included for hands-free calls.

To complete its acoustic capabilities, we must also point out the exclusive Clear Audio+ and DSEE audio processing, to respectively promote sound immersion and the quality of compressed files.

Immediate availability in three colors: black, gray or blue. Indicative price: 200 euros.

Reminder of the key features of the Sony SRS-XE300:

• Type: 2.0

• Broadband HP: 2 x (49 x 71 mm)

• Passive radiators: 2

• Bandwidth: 20-20,000 Hz

• Connections: 1 USB-C port (charging)

• Certification: IP67

• Bluetooth 5.2 LDAC compatibility

• Battery: 24 hours of listening at a reasonable level

• Dimensions (W x D x H): 105 x 119 x 238 mm

• Weight: 1.3 kg