Sony SRS-XE200 Live Life Loud, new portable and adventurous Bluetooth speaker

Sony presents its new range of Live Life Loud wireless speakers with three references, the Sony SRS-XG300, Sony SRS-XE300 and Sony SRS-XE200. Presentation of the last named before returning to the other two.

The SRS-XE200 Bluetooth 5.2 (LDAC compatible) speaker from Sony is designed using two ovoid 42 x 51 mm broadband speakers called X-Balanced Speaker. Their shape improves sound clarity and reduces distortion, according to their creator.

They are supported by two passive radiators to establish the response in the low frequencies and a diffuser in the form of a sound-permeable grid whose objective is to direct the sound through a narrow opening. This results in an increase in the sound pressure for a diffusion. To complete its acoustic capabilities, we must also point out the exclusive Clear Audio+ and DSEE audio processing, to respectively promote sound immersion and the quality of compressed files.

IP67 certification and Party Connect mode

IP67 certified, it is water and dust resistant. Likewise, its material makes it hard to harm: it withstands falls up to 1.2 m in height without damage.

And with its Party Connect mode, it is possible to combine the Sony SRS-XE200 with another speaker from the brand's SRS 2020/2021 range. Otherwise, it is possible to associate two SRS-XE200 for a stereo configuration, always wireless, and up to 100 if you feel like adding sound to Versailles. Finally, its battery lasts for 12 hours (allow 4 hours for a full charge via USB-C).

Last precision, the Sony SRS-XE200, tubular in shape and a size close to that of a 750 ml bottle, is also gilded with a fabric strap allowing it to be easily hung almost everywhere : a backpack, a bicycle… Finally, a microphone is included for hands-free calls.

Immediate availability in four colours: black, light grey, blue or orange. Indicative price: 150 euros.

Reminder of the key features of the Sony SRS-XE200:

• Type: 2.0

• HP Broadband: 2 x (42 x 51 mm)

• Passive radiator(s)( s): 2

• Bandwidth: 20-20,000 Hz

• Connections: 1 USB-C port (charging)

• Certification(s): IP67

• Compatibility( s) Bluetooth 5.2 LDAC

• Battery: 16 hours of listening time at a reasonable level

• Dimensions (W x D x H): 90 x 94 x 208 mm

• Weight: 0.8 kg