White Oled Ultra HD 8K 95” TV by BOE

The Chinese manufacturer BOE intends to market a 95'' (242 cm) 8K White Oled (Woled) television screen with a panel produced by itself.

The Chinese screen manufacturer BOE (Beijing Orient Electronics) is firing on all cylinders and multiplying technological announcements. For the year 2022 alone, BOE unveiled the first Full HD 500 Hz LCD screen (see our news BOE reveals the very first 500 Hz screen) and a fourth prototype of an AMQLED screen, i.e. self-emissive QLED (see. our news Self-emissive 8K Ultra HD 55'' QLED screen signed by the Chinese manufacturer BOE).

Oled Ultra HD 8K BOE TV, Main Specifications

Today, according to some Chinese sources from the Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) firm, the Chinese manufacturer BOE is planning to market a 95'' White Oled (Woled) 8K Ultra HD television screen (242cm). The White Oled process used by BOE is close to that of LG Display, by evaporation therefore different from the 55 '' UHD 8K specimen unveiled in December 2019 made with the Printing Oled process technology, also known as Ink-Jet Printed Oled (see our news Prototype TV Oled 8K 55 '' signed by Chinese BOE Technology). And to be complete on this huge Oled 8K TV, it is the one presented by the manufacturer at the Display Week 2022 (or SID 2022) event which was held from May 8 to 1 in Los Angeles.

Technically, this screen has a peak brightness of 800 nits, a full screen brightness of 150 nits, a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a DCI-P3 coverage of 99%, similar characteristics to Woled screens signed LG Display.

Last precision, BOE should produce these screens on its B5 Woled R&D production line, which has a limited capacity, but sufficient in view of the low sales volumes expected for this 95-inch 8K UHD television.