Humanity soon subject to Dyson robots?

After Tesla, it's Dyson's turn to want to introduce robots into our homes to help with our daily tasks.

We joke about it, but casually the moment when robots will take power to subjugate humans seems to be getting closer every day.

After Tesla robots, Dyson robots…

After Tesla and his humanoid Optimus, it is now Dyson's turn to want to install robots in our homes that will help us with everyday chores. But hey... You've probably seen it in science fiction films and books, everything goes in the best of worlds and then one day without warning -boom- the robots find themselves in power and the humans reduced to slavery.

1,000 new engineers to develop Dyson robots

Jokes aside, the pioneer of the bagless vacuum cleaner has already unveiled several prototypes such as robotic arms capable of grabbing and storing objects, or cleaning surfaces. Dyson wants to hire hundreds of engineers over the next five years to develop these machines. Specifically, the company is currently recruiting 250 robotic engineers who are experts in sensors, artificial intelligence and electronics, and aims to find 700 more by 2027.

According to Dyson, the first devices of this kind will be launched by 2030. That leaves us a few years to arm ourselves…