Soon a camera in the Apple Watch?

Apple is looking to give its connected watch a facelift by integrating a camera and allowing it to be separated from the strap.

Meta is preparing its first connected watch with the particularity of being able to separate from the bracelet, and to be equipped with a camera.

Patent of Apple Watch with built-in camera

Features that may be found in a future Apple Watch, if we are to believe a patent recently granted to Apple. The document explains how a camera can be integrated and used on an Apple Watch, so that it can capture images even when the watch is on the wrist. The patent also describes a mechanism to separate the watch from its strap and thus use it as a mini-camera.

The photo module itself could be integrated into the Digital Crown which is used to navigate, and the document even explains that the internal circuits could be modified to make room for a flash. Source: Patently Apple