Apple augmented reality headset and realityOS very soon unveiled?

Serious indications suggest that Apple's AR/VR headset could be revealed as early as the beginning of June.

Apple's WWDC developer conference is being held from June 6 to 10, and a few days before - well - trademarks have been spotted that suggest that the supposed mixed reality headset will be unveiled on this occasion ( virtual and augmented reality) from Apple, or at least its operating system realityOS.

RealityOS official brand registration by Apple

Concretely, several documents bearing the mention "realityOS" have recently been officially registered, and if some of them had already been submitted several months ago, they have been updated with new dates for the international, more precisely June 8 and 9, 2022. Dates which coincidentally fall in the middle of the famous WWDC conference.

Only a few days to wait before seeing if the suspicions are confirmed. Source: ParkerOrtolani