PlayStation VR2 headset: over 20 big titles at launch

We don't yet know the exact release date of the new PlayStation 5 virtual reality headset, but it will apparently be well supported when it arrives.

According to a Sony investor document, the new PlayStation VR2 virtual reality (VR) headset will launch alongside more than 20 “major” games.

The word to Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment

No titles or developers are named, but the list has been confirmed to consist of Sony games and third-party developers. We expect in particular Horizon Call of the Mountain, the first game presented by Sony during the revelation of PS VR2. "We are spending heavily on partnerships with third-party and independent developers to ensure a massive flow of VR content for the launch of PlayStation VR2," said Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

On the other hand, still no release date for the headset other than the one recently mentioned by Ross Young of the DSCC firm, i.e. 2023 (see our PlayStation VR2 news, release “postponed” to 2023, Amoled on board?) . Source: VGC