Cloud Shadow services: new Option Power offer and free Shadow Drive storage

The French Cloud Computing offer Shadow, now owned by the French host OVH, announces an option for Ultra HD 4K use, as well as a new free storage service.

Launched in 2016, the Shadow offer offers the benefit of a powerful PC equipped with Windows 10 and storage space, all remotely via a data center, from a PC or Mac computer, an Android box or an Android Smart TV, but also an Android smartphone or tablet. With the promise of taking advantage of regular hardware updates to always have a premium configuration capable of handling the most demanding video games with great graphic details and a large number of frames per second.

Shadow, new Option Power offer

And precisely, Shadow recently announced a new offer called Option Power, notably authorizing streaming in Ultra HD 4K definition. Here is the configuration accessible remotely using this option:

• AMD EPYC™ 7543P CPU with Quad Core and 8 Threads

• High-end GPU, among:

- nVidia GeForce RTX™ cards from class 3070

- Equivalent nVidia graphics cards designed for professionals

- Latest AMD GPUs based on the RDNA 2 architecture, including the AMD Radeon PRO V620 designed for Cloud Computing and Cloud Gaming

• 16 GB of Ram

Available for pre-order this summer, and globally available this fall at an indicative price of €14.99 in addition to the basic subscription at €29.99.

The word to Éric Sèle, general manager of Shadow

“At Shadow, we believe that cloud technologies have the potential to offer greater technological freedom to everyone,” said Éric Sèle, CEO of Shadow. That's why we're very excited to introduce a major new milestone for our Shadow service today, with our Power Option. »

The floor to Olivier Suinat, CVP Global Sales at AMD

“We are enthusiastic about entering into a new cooperation with Shadow, supporting them with both our CPUs and GPUs, in a configuration synonymous with power,” explains Olivier Suinat, CVP Global Sales at AMD. This is an important step in their technological and geographical development. »

New Shadow Drive offer

In passing, the company presents Shadow Drive, a secure online storage solution designed in partnership with Nextcloud. It allows you to store, synchronize and share your data, via a web interface, but also thanks to desktop and mobile clients which will be unveiled in the coming months. The service is secure thanks to the encryption of communications and via the hosting of data on servers operated in Europe. Available for free up to 20 GB of storage, a premium version of the service will be available from €8.99 per month, with storage up to 2 terabytes. “Our ambition to free technology from its hardware limitations is not just about Cloud Computing. To go further, we have developed Shadow Drive, our cloud storage solution, with the help of our prestigious partner Nextcloud, a partnership for which I thank Frank, said Éric Sèle, general manager of Shadow. We are particularly enthusiastic about this joint European project. »

The floor to Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud

“We have a common vision with Octave and Éric, and share values of excellence, openness and European sovereignty,” said Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud. This partnership seemed natural to us and we are very happy to help Shadow achieve its ambitions. »