MAGRGB Diffused LED Strip (Smart Lighting Edition) by Nanoleaf and Secretlab

Pimp up Secretlab's Magnus metal desk with a magnetic LED strip created in collaboration with Nanoleaf.

A specialist in connected lighting, Nanoleaf has joined forces with Secretlab to launch the MAGRGB Diffused LED Strip (Smart Lighting Edition).

MAGRGB Diffused LED Strip (Smart Lighting Edition), 123 Independent LEDs

This LED strip completes the modular magnetic ecosystem built around Secretlab's Magnus metal desk. It is equipped with 123 independent LEDs supporting more than 16 million vivid color options, emitting diffused and fluid lighting (without hot spots). The accessory is controlled with the Nanoleaf app, allowing you to choose from existing presets, define custom lighting scenes, or create unique scenes. It is also possible to program schedules to automatically turn on, turn off and adjust the lights.

The word to Gimmy CHU, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf

"We've built a strong community of gamers over the years who enjoy decorating their gaming setups with our connected RGB lighting products, but we've never had a light strip that can seamlessly integrate into your gaming desk,” says Gimmy CHU, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf. In collaboration with Secretlab, we created the Secretlab MAGRGB (Smart Lighting Edition) LED Strip with our proprietary lighting technology to pair with the Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk. Now you can sync all the RGB lights in your space together, from your desk to the light panels on your wall, elevating your gaming and entertainment experience like never before for perfect harmony”.

Also note Google Home and Apple HomeKit compatibility. Available at an indicative price of 79 euros.