Disney ahead of Netflix in 2025

The number of subscribers to video streaming platforms will continue to climb until at least 2027, and Netflix should lose its leading position in the meantime.

Analytical firm Digital TV Research has revised some of its forecasts since its last report in February, now forecasting an additional 485 million subscribers worldwide for SVOD services between 2021 and 2027 to reach 1.69 billion. As a reminder, this figure was estimated at 1.75 billion just three months ago.

Disney+ in front of netflix from 2025?

In passing, the forecast for Netflix has also been revised downwards, with an estimated 253 million subscribers for 2027, 29 million less than the February estimate. The impact is being felt on Disney+, which should now overtake the leader Netflix in 2025, where last February this situation was anticipated for 2028. As a reminder, Disney+ has 138 million subscribers at the time of writing these lines (130 million last February). Between 2021 and 2027, Disney+ would add 144 million subscribers to reach 274 million. Source: Advanced Television