Streaming on the rise in French homes

More and more French people are subscribing to video streaming platforms, even going so far as to adopt several simultaneously.

According to the consulting company BearingPoint, 61% of French households subscribed to at least one SVOD service as of January 2022, i.e. 9% better than in January 2020.

French households and subscriptions to streaming services

This growth was mainly driven by Netflix, installed in 61% of subscriber households (4% better than two years ago), but also Amazon Prime Video (43% of subscriber households and 10% growth), and Disney+ (22% and +6%). It should be noted that the French streaming platform Salto is present in 5% of subscriber households, which is 4% better than two years ago.

2,1 streaming services on average per French household

On average, French households subscribe to 2.1 streaming services. Thus 87% of Disney+ subscribers are also on Netflix, and this figure is 72% for Amazon Prime Video subscribers. The youngest are those who accumulate more subscriptions, and therefore spend an average of €43.60 per month. It should also be noted that 36% of respondents admit to adopting the practice of "password sharing", Netflix's new enemy.